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Unrest in the Men's Room
12/29/2011 8:21:00 PM
By William Borst -The Gospel Truth

It is difficult to read the newspapers, listen to the news on TV or the radio and not come away with a very bad feeling about the state of our society and the relationship it has with its most vulnerable people. No, I am not writing about the unborn. I'll save that for another day.

But it is not that far removed from this most pernicious evil.

I am thinking about the war on little boys.

It seems that the clerical scandal that rocked the Catholic Church, as it has not been rocked since the days of Martin Luther, is just the tip of the iceberg. Predators now seem to have been also lurking on several the college campuses and any where young boys can be found.

The stories at Penn State, and Syracuse University are probably just the first to make the headlines. I can only imagine that there will be others. These sexual deviates are as ubiquitous as the drunken uncle or lascivious brother-in-law. Every family has at least one.

As someone who has been exposed to a modicum of Thomistic philosophy, I have always sought causes for historic events. Fairly or unfairly, I look first to the women's movement that sent shock waves through American social and sexual relationships in the late sixties.

Since then women have challenged and confronted men in every aspect of their existence.

Where lines of gender separation or specialization had been historically and socially established, women have broken through with a fiery anger that has incinerated anyone or anything that had the temerity to get in their way.

As a result adult men, especially the leadership of many of our Catholic colleges have failed to stand up to many of their outlandish demands.

I am not saying that women should have stayed barefoot, uneducated and pregnant-only that they shed their traditional sexual and family roles with such an alacrity that it was, not only blood curdling, but also destructive to, not only family life, but the civilization as well.

And this was done with a selfish disregard for the unintended consequences of their angered approach.

It is only Christian charity that prevents me from saying that much of the destruction of traditional society was not intended. I think the women's movement of the 1960s has also done terrible things to the relationship with mothers to their offspring, especially their sons.

Many sociologists have started calling our culture a feminized culture.

The hands that once rocked the cradle with tenderness, selflessness and maternal love, now seem to have another agenda that is for want of a better word-misandrist.

Many brave psychologists say this has caused many young to suffer from a perpetual adolescent or what professionals mayarrested development.

Many women have coddled and desensitized their sons to their own masculinity that millions have become wimpy, non-competitive and emotionally emasculated.

I would argue that this is partly the reason so many young men are either attracted to other men and or boys and have become easy pickings for all the chicken hawks stalking their natural habitats.

Some mothers have made their sons so cognizant of the existence of predators that to many of them, every man they meet is a potential rapist.

This is an outgrowth of the feminists who think that every man is a rapist and that Christian marriage is nothing more than legalized rape.

As a result many men have become innocent victims of their undue vigilance on the mothers' part and have had their lives ruined and even spent time in prison where child molesters live as long as a turkey in late November.

One need only remember the case of defrocked priest, John Geoghan, who had over 300 notches in his molesters belt before being imprisoned.

While his was a heinous crime that cried to the Heavens for punishment, it was not a capital crime.

The acclaim or indifference surrounding his brutal murder in a Massachusetts prison in 2003 at the hands of a glory-seeking convict, Joseph Druce, is curious because most of our enlightened society abhors capital punishment by due process.

It is the same incongruity that also approves of over a million executions in the abortion clinics each year.

To modern couples, and their children of choice-what the Chinese call, imperial children boys have a much higher status. Their abuse must be avenged, even including an unceremonious death at the hands of an assassin.

One need only remember the Amiraults at Fells Acres Day School in Malden, Massachusetts, the McMartin Preschoolcase in California, and the Glendale Montessori School in Stuart, Florida where the owners and directors of these day care center were wrongly accused and subsequently convicted by an overzealous prosecutor who sensed the political potential of this issue.

I have been aware of this over-reaction to the growing epidemic of sexual predators that has befallen our once virile nation. It is something that frightened me in my own personal life. It has gotten to the point that I never like to be alone in a restroom with a young boy.

For the record, I have never had any sexual attraction for any boys or men my entire life. I fear more their over-protective mothers.

Are mothers over-protective of their sons? One personal incident will suffice as illustration. I was in a Best Buy about 10 years ago. The call to nature came and so I headed back to the restroom. As I got near the entry, I passed a young mother with her recalcitrant five or six-year-old son.

I just had a premonition that really frightened me. It was akin to Claudia, Pilate's wife, warning him not to have anything to do with Jesus.

I remember praying to myself-please God make her take him to the ladies' room.

God wasn't listening or He knew I needed what was about to happen.

I rushed it and did what I had to do in record time and was washing my hands when this little boys walks in and starts to belly up to the bar. Before getting there and fortunately before unzipping, he looks at me and with all undue seriousness says: Don't you touch my penis.

I hope the dreaded shock of my worst fear that had just come to life did not show on my face.

I nervously said: The thought had never occurred to me. I immediately had this vision of being led away with my hands cuffed behind my back, mumbling something like, but officer I never touched the kid!

I quickly made for the door just as another man came in.

I must have broken all fleeing alleged child molester records for a return to my get-away-car.

All of this is not to discount real predators-only to say that both men and women should be reasonable about this dreaded subject and start thinking out of the box about the war on boys, which is nothing more than a miniaturized war on men.

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