CCI Joins Growing National Coalition of Catholic Groups Demanding Reform of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development
11/28/2009 9:00:00 PM

Reforming the Catholic Campaign for Human Development

Every year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving , many Catholic parishes take up a second collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD).For the most recent video expose on CCHD...Help the poor, but stop feeding the nuts...

Recognize that organization? If you don't, you should. Here's why:

Until 2008, CCHD had been funding ACORN for several years, giving over $7 million to the corrupt organization. The same organization that is being investigated for voter fraud, embezzlement, and other wrongdoing was recently caught in undercover videos in recent months helping a pimp and prostitute set up a business and traffic underage girls for prostitution.

It doesn't end there. CCHD has funded groups that openly oppose the Church's teachings. CCI has joined with a growing number of Catholics nationwide who are refusing to fund an organization that claims to help the poor, and in reality fund poltiical and even criminal efforts. Enough is enough...

Some of the groups funded by CCHD collections include:

Young Workers United - supports abortion rights, legalized prostitution and gay marriage.

The Chinese Progressive Association (San Francisco) - supports abortion rights and gay marriage, actively urging its members to vote against Prop 8 in California, which would define marriage as between a man and a woman.

People Improving Communities through Organizing (PICO) - currently campaigning for the a version of healthcare reform, which has government-funding of abortion and does not protect the conscience rights of medical professionals who decline to perform or refer for abortions.

The CCHD has not directly funded abortion, or any explicitly anti-Catholic project to our knowledge. It has also funded groups which legitimately serve and represent the poor and marginalized.

But it is hard to believe repeated assurances that the CCHD always carefully vets its grantees given both its history and its continued funding of groups which openly oppose the Catholic Church's teachings on social justice, family and life issues. This must stop.

Do you want your money going to the CCHD on November 22nd? It's time that we sent the CCHD a message. Will you join us?

This year, instead of cash or a check, download and print out this coupon and put it in the November 22nd annual CCHD special collection at your parish. The coupon explains that your financial support will resume once the CCHD demonstrates that it will only directly support groups that are in agreement with Catholic teaching on social, family and life issues.

For the CCI press release related to the boycott of the 2008 CCHD campaign click here.

For the 2008 Catholic Media Coalition 'Open Letter to the US Bishops,' click here.

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