"As fellow clergy and people of faith, we call upon you to be aware of the dangers the Gibson film (the Passion) poses.
2/7/2004 9:40:00 PM -The Plain Dealer

Passion, 'NO'; Vagina Monologues, 'No Comment'
The Diocese of Cleveland issued a warning we are compelled to pass on to our readers, just in case you missed it.

The warning does not concern the Rainbow Gay Pride Banner that still flies on its website at Gay Catholics of Cleveland

It does not concern the allegations made by Bishop Pilla's lawyer in the Cleveland Free Times:

In March, 2002, about two years after leaving the diocese, Charlie says he met again with Bishop Gries. "I met with Bishop Roger and I told him as a friend that he needed to tell Pilla to step down. That's all I said."

I prod him to continue. "Because of the manner in which all of this had been handled."

Charlie later says, "The thing that really fried me was the way the church in Cleveland has agreed to 'infanticize' Anthony. It's like he's a child. 'Oh, he didn't know this, he didn't know that.' Wait a minute, oh merciful God. Then what's he in charge of one million Catholics for? Yes, Quinn did crazy stuff, but he was a lieutenant, you are the general. Why didn't you stop it? (see Bishop Pilla Should Resign)

The warning does not concern the heretical group Futurechurch that continues to reside on diocesan property while encouraging local Catholics to not believe in Catholicism. (See Heresy at Futurechurch Unchecked

The warning not a long overdue apology for the diocese giving thousands of dollars to an organization which had the National Abortion Rights Action League as one of its members. (see Cleveland Catholics Underwrite Abortion)

The warning does not concern the following story reported first by "The Wanderer":

One member of the GLFM recorded his experience on an area gay web site of his participation in the Cleveland Gay Pride Parade, informing, "The catholic group had a very nice sized contingent. There were a whole ton of other religious groups as well...Oh, did I mention that I am in the same video as a pornstar?!...Our table was almost across from The Grid's table, so we got to watch Matt Rush shirtless signing autographs and posing for pictures most of the afternoon. I felt so uncouth ogling a pornstar and trying to be a respectable representative of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland... (see Porn Star Represents Cleveland Catholics)


The warning concerns an upcoming movie. Sure, there are scores of movies every year that mock the Christian faith, that are crude and pornographic, that exploit women, that demean the intrinsic value of sacred human life. The diocese has not seen fit to warn about these, of course. The movie they wish to warn Catholics about is different.

The movie at issue is based on the New Testament. And so, the diocese needs to warn us - Catholics - about the dangers of a movie based upon New Testament accounts of the Crucifixion of our Lord and Savior. And it has.

From Plain Dealer, we read the headline, "Passion" movie raises religious fervor, fears

"The Diocese of Cleveland sent a February memo to all its parishes asking Catholics to be aware of the potential for anti-Semitism.

"On Friday, a trio of prominent Jewish, Catholic and Protestant leaders sent a letter to 300 of their colleagues urging them to address the issues raised by the film in their churches and synagogues.

"As fellow clergy and people of faith, we call upon you to be aware of the dangers the Gibson film poses. We urge you to address these risks forthrightly within your denomination and institution and to educate and sensitize those who may see the film so that they do not take away from it the wrong message," the letter said.

"The plea was signed by the Rev. Joseph Hilinski, interfaith director of the Catholic diocese, the Rev. Louise Westfall, pastor of Fairmount Presbyterian Church, and Rabbi Richard Block, senior rabbi of The Temple-Tifereth Israel."

The Vagina Monologues at Catholic John Carrol Univ. - No Comment by the Diocese

However, the Cleveland Chancery is not entirely without passion... A production of "The Vagina Monologues" is being sponsored by the John Carroll University Communications Department with the benefits going to a member organization of the Freedom of Choice Cleveland Coalition. Some of our readers may recall that several decades ago, John Carroll was a respected Catholic University.

For more information, see Carrol's web site for the announcement, at VM at Carroll and for some background on the pro-abortion Choice Cleveland endorsing and promoting the event see Cleveland Gays Support VM at Carroll

The Cleveland Diocese, under the "leadership" of Bishop Pilla has no comment about the abomination about to take place at Carroll, but is concerned enough about the Passion to issue a press release.

You can e-mail the President of John Carrol, or contact him at:

Rev. Edward Glynn, S.J., President, 20700 N. Park Blvd., University Heights, OH 44118, Phone: (216) 397-1886, E-mail: eglynn@jcu.edu

Want to share your thoughts with the movers and shakers at the Cleveand Diocese who make all this incredible nonsense possible? Send your comments to:

bishop@dioceseofcleveland.org , bpaepevec@dioceseofcleveland.org , ajquinn@dioceseofcleveland.org , rmharwood@dioceseofcleveland.org, ljurcak@dioceseofcleveland.org

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